About the artist

Or Many, Is an artist from Tel Aviv, known as an international landscape and wildlife photographer.

On September 4th 2016, while working on his landscape photography project in Arizona USA, Or was involved in a side-by-side UTV rollover as a passenger and critically injured.

While extracting himself from the vehicle, Or saw that his right hand, his dominant working hand was amputated and massively bleeding.
Or understood the severe situation and knew his chances of surviving this accident were limited in time. Thanks to his experience as a volunteer in the Israeli Emergency Medical Services and Police Or saved his own life by applying a self made tourniquet from two zip ties to his hand and was able to stop the massive bleeding. Or was rushed by ambulance to the local hospital and then evacuated with helicopter to the hospital in Las Vegas, Nevada for emergency surgery, Or was professionally treated by the wonderful team of the hospital later that day.

Or knew that this unfortunate circumstance is going to affect not only his quality of life but also his art and photography skills. Or refused to let that be the end of his passionate career and slowly, thanks to his mental strength and motivation, Or was reunited with his camera. 

With a lot of thought, research and the use of the latest technology Or continue creating his art and developed his unique way to do so, despite the disability and limitations. 
These days, Or in the prime of his career and his work is recognized for its vividness, and unique print technique.

On May 2018, Or Many opened his first gallery in Tel Aviv and it was the first fine art photography gallery in Israel of an individual photographer using large format HD Metal prints.
Or sell his art to collectors, homes, apartments, offices, interior designers and more and  his work shipped  worldwide.

In 2019, Or opened one of the largest printing labs in Europe for manufacturing art on HD Metal and more materials and to provide printing solutions for all types of artists.
Or create all the process himself, from photography, printing and framing.

Photo by: Vahtang Unaev