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All photos are printed on original ChromaLuxe HD Metal with white gloss finish.

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When I was young I used to play with my father’s camera gear - exploring it and dissembling it. It was fascinating to me.
Since these magic moments, photography is my theme of life.

For me, when I'm out there alone in nature, just me, the camera and the tunes of nature, flowing through the wind, earth and water around me, it's a capturing of everything I wanted to do in life.
I'm thankful for that and the fact that I can create art in these amazing spots I find in nature.

In September 2016, on a landscape photography journey in Arizona, USA, after shooting a beautiful lighthouse next to the Colorado River, I've lost my right hand In a vehicle rollover.

In all the chaos in this moment, the only thing that went through my mind was:  

"Fuck, I can't shoot and take pictures from now on".
I actually said it out loud, and the officer who was there calmed me down, saying "Don't worry, it will be fine".

Well, he was right, it's fine, not the same as before, but better than nothing.

Since my accident, and after physical and occupational therapy, I was back on track, traveling around the world to create my photography. Nothing will stop me from doing the things I love most.

I still have a lot of places in my mind that I want to explorer and create my art. 

To be back to my photography again and to achieve my goals is an amazing feeling.

More about the artist
The photographer Or Many sitting on Vermilion Lighthouse Lake Havasu, Arizona, one year after he lost his hand near by
The Photographer Or Many creates his art in Washington, USA

"Me, the camera and the tunes of nature"

Pier on the beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania, Africa


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Large panorama of New York City printed on ChromaLuxe metal print in living room

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