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Ormany.co.il is an online gallery store that allows you to order the artist's artwork in a large format prints, from a collection of pictures that are displayed on the site. The content on the site is owned and operated by Or Many.

The use of the Site is subject to and contingent upon the User's consent to these Terms of Use.
The use of the Site and the absence of express and written consent to the terms of use attest to the user's unequivocal consent to the terms of use and the user's obligation to act accordingly.

The wording in the masculine form is for convenience only and refers to men and women.


"The Artist" - Or Many

"The site" - ormany.co.il

"The Information" means any file and / or content and / or material in any media, including any text, image, graphics, drawing, film (negatives), drawing, registration, logo, trademark, photography, Still images and how to design the above.

"User" means any person and / or body and / or entity that enters the Site and makes use of it as a customer or as an occasional surfer and any customer ordering any service from the artist either through the Site or by any other means.

"Production" - production, copying, processing, enlarging, reproduction, reproduction and / or scanning and / or downloading, publishing, copying, public display and / or transmission of any material published on the Site By any means, including but not limited to, by mail, fax, email, the Internet or other digital means).

Ownership and operation

The information presented on the site is the sole property or license granted to the artist.

No part of the information may be copied and / or published without the prior written consent of the artist.

Any service and / or information provided to the Site's users is for private and non-commercial use only.

The artist reserves the exclusive right to make any changes to the site at any time for any reason, without prior notice to anyone and without any responsibility on his part.

Any act of production as defined above of the information on the site, whether in return or not, is strictly prohibited, except with the prior written permission of the artist.

For the prior written approval of the artist to the above, it is possible to contact him, as follows:

• Email: info@ormany.co.il

• Full address: 96 Ha'Hashmonaim, Tel Aviv

• Mobile: +972-50-340-4444

Intellectual property and user's representations and warranties

In this regard, the user declares that he is aware that the information presented on the site is protected by copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets and / or other intellectual property rights.

All the pictures on the site are "original works" and are exclusively original works taken by the artist - Or Many.

All works are signed by the artist.

All copyright reserved and protected by the artist.

The color of the artwork and the clarity of the works displayed on the computer screen, cell phones, tablets, or other means may show a different color when printed from the means you viewed in the work.

The color and clarity of the artwork are calibrated according to the international standard and are printed on the various media after a suitable color profile has been created for each media and after working with a computer screen that is calibrated according to the global standards.

The User undertakes to refrain from any unauthorized use of the information presented on the Site, which may violate any rights.

Transferring information to the artist through the website and / or other means that is illegal, threatening, defamatory, libelous, obscene, pornographic or racist, or any other material that infringes the privacy of the individual or may constitute or encourage criminal behavior or cause cause for civil action Or otherwise violate the provisions of any law, is strictly prohibited.

The user undertakes not to transfer to the artist information containing viruses and / or worms and / or time bombs and / or any other harmful material which may and / or may impair the functioning of the site and / or the functioning of the computer systems of the artist and / Or surfers.

The User undertakes to refrain from violating any law and / or regulation by using the artist's services provided by the artist, including violating the laws of the State of Israel with respect to the transfer of information between countries and / or via the Internet.

The User undertakes not to harm and / or interfere in any way with the use and / or pleasure of another user of the services and / or data displayed on the Site.


All trademarks appearing on the Site are the exclusive property of the Artist or owned by another third party. Any unauthorized use of such trademarks is strictly prohibited, and in particular, but not limited to, the use of the artist's trademarks without permission and prior written consent:

• As a hyperlink,

• In the name of any product and / or advertising

• As a trademark, or part thereof, of another

And / or any other use by anyone who has not received the artist's approval.


The User shall be solely responsible for any claim, suit or demand raised against the Artist and / or anyone acting on its behalf by any third party for any reason connected directly or indirectly with the information transmitted by the User to the artist, including but not limited to , The use of graphic elements, text, copyright infringement, trademarks, the use of offensive elements that violate public policy, feelings or in general. Accordingly, the user shall indemnify the artist, his employees, managers or anyone acting on his behalf for any damage, payment or expense incurred by them - including legal fees and court costs.

The Site as a whole - includes information submitted and made available to the user as-is ("As-Is"). The artist and the site do not express any position and are not responsible, express or implied, for:
A. The information found on the site.
B. The information and actions to which access is made possible through access to the site. third. Any information or services accessed through a link from the site.
C. Any damage caused or may be caused by the transmission of confidential or sensitive information through the Site.
God. Any damage caused or may be caused by a defect or malfunction in the software that operates the site or access to the site.

All printed works will be guaranteed for 1 year from the date of purchase!

Guarantee to fade color for 1 years from the date of purchase (color fade only).

Liability shall not apply in the event of physical damage to the work (blows that the picture received from inanimate objects), water or due to incorrect handling of the ongoing maintenance of the picture.

Warranty will not be given in case of physical damage or fracture to the frame caused by misuse.

Liability shall not be given in the event that the work has been suspended and comes into direct contact with the Sun.

Warranty will not be given in the event of a fracture in a work printed on glass or blown on the edges of the ChromaLuxe panel due to improper installation or improper handling and carelessness in maintaining the work.

Maintenance instructions can be read on the Q & A page on the website.

Updates and changes

At any time, the artist may make changes and / or updates to these Terms of Use.

By using the Site you hereby agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of use at any time, and you must keep abreast of any changes to the Terms of Use.

The artist reserves the exclusive right to make any changes to the site at any time and for any reason, without prior notice and without any responsibility on his part. 

The artist reserves the right to modify and / or add and / or remove any material from the material posted on the site, redesign it, replace its contents, and all as it sees fit and in its sole discretion.

The simulated images in the salons and in the rooms are illustrative only
When ordering a printed image on ChromaLuxe there may be up to 10 dots (pixels), dirt in an image that can not be cleaned.
When ordering a printed image on ChromaLuxe, there may be up to 5 points in different positions resulting from the heat dissolution of the alumina in the coating. These points will be rough and protruding and can not be repaired.
When printing on paper with a perspex, there may be up to 10 points of paper dirt resulting from pasting the paper into Perspex.

Invoice Receipt Tax

After execution of the transaction, the customer will be sent to the e-mail address entered by the receiving tax invoice for the purchase made.

The law applies jurisdiction

Use of the Site and these Terms of Use are governed solely by the laws of the State of Israel. Any claim and / or demand and / or claim relating to these Terms of Use and / or use of the Site shall be the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in Tel Aviv, Israel.
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