Refund policy

Return Policy and / or Cancellation of Transaction

The production services that the artist grants to the user are personal according to his specific personal requirements and can not be used and / or transferred by another party.

The user is aware and agrees that the work that the artist provides is a work specially produced according to his order, in accordance with the definition appearing in the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981.

Therefore, the user agrees and is aware that the artist does not receive a work back, and the artist does not cancel transactions after the work has been produced and / or commissioned and / or the service given.

Cancellation of a transaction may be made only on the same day of purchase and as long as the work has not been printed or the printing procedure has begun.

In any case where a complaint is received against a defective work, the artist shall decide and his decision shall be binding on the customer. An examination of the correctness of the work shall be performed only at the customer service center of the artist to which the customer will transfer the work.

In cases where the artist decides that it is indeed a damaged work, the artist will reproduce that work and provide the customer with a work that is not damaged. No monetary credits will be granted and the consideration paid will not be returned.

For the avoidance of doubt, in the event that the work is damaged and / or damaged during the shipment to the user, the artist shall arrange and / or replace, at his sole discretion, the work. In no event shall the artist bear any liability whatsoever and the user dismisses the artist for any defect and / or damage beyond that stated including direct and / or indirect damages.

​​From the moment that the work is delivered to the artist user and / or anyone acting on his behalf, they will not be responsible in any way for the creation and / or use thereof, including but not limited to the manner of installation of the work and / or the nidah and / or any other financial damage And / or as a result thereof.
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