Privacy policy

The artist and the site may use and collect the artist's database, the details provided by the user for the purpose of improving the services provided by him, to contact the user to update him about promotions and / or services and products offered by the artist and / The artist is in touch, including but not limited to sending email and SMS.

In addition, the artist and the site may make use of such information for analysis and delivery of statistical information to third parties, including advertisers and other marketing objectives. This information will not identify the user personally and will not include sensitive information as defined in the Protection of Privacy Law.

During the user's data entry, the user will send a cookie to the user's computer for the purpose of identifying the user while surfing the site in order to improve the service.

On the site you will find connectivity that will lead you to a number of other sites, some of which are advertisers and some are business companies with which the artist is in business cooperation.

Some of these sites will appear under a name and / or brand and / or logo that also includes the artist logo, but are not operated and / or not maintained under the supervision of the artist.

Therefore, the site's privacy policy does not apply and / or is not valid on the sites to which the link leads. These sites have their own privacy policy, which differs from the privacy policy of the site. It is very important that you read and carefully review the Privacy Policy of each of these sites before you submit personal information and / or other information on the new site you have reached. The artist and the site are unable and will not be responsible for maintaining the information and information you leave on these sites.
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The transactions on this site are carried out while maintaining the complete and confidential privacy of the data. The data uploaded to the site by the users is used by the site to provide service to the customer only.

The Site does not allow the use of this data to other users and does not transfer it to any third party, except in cases where the owner of the rights in such data grants the site its express and prior consent.

The transfer of personal data to the site is done through an SSL security protocol that encodes the personal information on their way from the user's computer to the site.

However, and in light of the fact that the site is connected to the Internet, it is not possible to guarantee complete immunity against infiltrations to the artist's computers, and therefore the option is given to the user to purchase services over the telephone. For the avoidance of doubt, the artist and the site will not be responsible for the user's compensation if the details are exposed as a result of the unauthorized penetration of any site, despite the security measures operated by the artist and the site.

The credit card clearing page is secured with the highest PCI DSS LEVEL SSL security protocol.
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